Forebears: a website which can tell you everything about your surname

How many people have the exact same surname as you in your country or in the entire world? Forebears can answer this question and provide you with a lot of information about it, especially the origin of your last name.

Did you know that the most common surname in the world is Wand (Chinese) with approximately 76 546 675 people called this way? Amongst the ten most common last names in the world, seven are Chinese and three are Indians. For example Devi -an Indian surname- is the second most common surname (69 291 789 people). Those pieces of information are some of the things you can learn on a website called Forebears. It could be seen as the Wikipedia of genealogy.

Indeed, the website gathers an impressive number of data about frequency, popularity, origin, meaning, localisation and how surnames are spread in the world. In England, Smith is the most common surname with an incidence of 395,915 people right before Jones and Williams. Actually, England, the United States and Australia all share the same most common surname which is quite surprising.


If you type your own surname, the website will give you all the statistics: number of people who have the same last name in your country and the number in other countries as well as a description of the name and its origin. There are lots of statistics that you could find on the website which gathers data from several different sources linked to genealogy. Just have a lot by clicking here.