And the ideal penis size according to women is….

If men need the help of a serious study to be reassured on the fact that women are not on the lookout for disproportionate penises, there it is! Indeed, the ideal size is actually quite below the norm.

The most sensitive area in a vagina is situated at about 1,5748″ (4 cm) from its entrance. Therefore, chances are you penis is long enough to reach that area. Now, what about the ideal size? It appears to be 6,3″ (16 cm) long and 4,7″ (12 cm) in circumference in erection. Those are the results of a study carried out with 75 women and 33 penises in erection printed in 3D.

Another interesting parameter is that the yearnings of the participants were slightly modified depending on the type of relationship with the partner. Women prefer when their husband’s or boyfriend’s penis is thinner than the penis of a one-night stand. The perfect circumference is 4,8″ (12,2 cm) for the husband whereas the number increases to 5″ (12,7 cm) for a one-night stand. So women do prefer the ‘physical comfort’ of an average penis for a stable relationship that lasts.

As for the length, the difference is actually barely visible: 6,3″ (16 cm) for the husband or the boyfriend and 6,4″ (16,25 cm) for a punctual partner.

Three men out of four are worried about the size of their penis and this anxiety can sometimes become a real suffering. However, most of the time men overestimate the size of the average penis and all the more so as it is immutable. Hopefully, those statistics will reassure many men.


– Photo : © tuomaslehtinen –