Meet Ezfly, the new flying machine from Zapata

Credits: Screenshot Youtube / Zapata Racing

Located a few kilometers from Marseille in the South of France, Zapata Racing have recently revealed images of their new flying object called Ezfly. A new take on the famed Flyboard Air, Ezfly appears easier to use and highly intuitive. 

This new flying gem from  Zapata Racing could be described as a sort of “air Segway”. Zapata are already famous for having developed the Flyboard Air. This previous flying platform was furnished with six turbines, allowing it to fly for around ten minutes, at a speed of up to 150 kmph. It is certainly the most credible and convincing hoverboard in existence.

Their new object has been christened Ezfly. Working from the same bases as the Flyboard Air, it is also equipped with handlebars to help you stay standing, and they have also included hand controls. They way the Ezyfly is manoeuvred by maintaining a certain posture and moving your body weight around seems to have been inspired by the Segway. By contrast to the Flyboard Air, the feet are not strapped in.

As we can see in the video below, Ezfly appears very simple and intuitive to use. Franky Zapata, the man at the origin of these inventions, explains that around ten people tested the engine during the making of this film in Texas last October.

For the moment, very little information has been leaked by the company regarding Ezfly, neither technical details nor information about when it will be released.

Have a look at the images published by Zapata Racing, publishing the extraordinary Flyboard Air, the engine which, according to Franky Zapata, makes man’s dreams of flying come true.