He plans to launch a rocket this week to prove that the earth is flat

Credits: Photo Facebook / Page Mad Mike Hughes

In the United States, a man who is convinced of a huge conspiracy to hide the fact that the earth is flat, plans to launch his own rocket over the coming days. In doing so, he hopes to prove the “Flat Earth Theory” to the whole world. 

Conspiracy theorists regarding the spherical aspect of our planet are completely immune to irrefutable proof, and even to the ways of proving to yourself that the earth is in fact round. For their part, they plan in just a few days to show the whole world that the earth is in fact flat.

Heading up the group, Mike Hughes, flat earth theorist, has a new rocket and a new launch date for his mission. In 2017, this 61 year old man tried to launch himself 550 meters above the Mojave desert in California, in a home made rocket, to take photos proving that the surface of the earth is flat. His plans fell apart after the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) learned of his intentions. There was in fact a very high risk that his 20,000 dollar engine would crash -ironically -into the BLM premises.

However, in all likelihood and according to his activity on social networks, it appears that Mike Hughes, who has been nicknamed “Mad Mike”, has a new rocket at his disposal, as well as the intention to launch it to complete his mission on Saturday the 3rd of February next.

In any case, if he still plans to fly to only around 550 m in altitude, we already know that he will come back convinced that the earth is indeed flat. In fact, in order to be able to see the earth’s round shape, you need to climb to around 10 km high.

Sources : SlateOuest France