Watch a popcorn kernel pop in ultra slow motion


A process that is generally heard but not seen… However, a team of YouTubers had fun filming the process in which a popcorn kernel pops and becomes popcorn, showing it in ultra slow motion. Quite simply hypnotising. 

The YouTube channel Warped Perception, a Chicago based group, film things they claim are too fast to be seen, but too cool not to be! They use a Phantom Flex 4K camera to film commonplace but fascinating events in super slow motion, such as a dog drinking water, a bullet being shot from a gun, or a match being lit. Watching these experiences in slow motion provides a whole new way of seeing and perceiving them.

In the popcorn example, first we see the kernel exploding at 1,300 images per second. We see the kernel jumping in a cloud of steam and rapidly turning into popcorn. At this moment, the internal pressure of the kernel reaches around 135 pounds per square inch (psi) and the temperature surpasses 180 °C for a brief instant.

Next, the process is filmed at 30,000 images per second, showing us what happens 1,250 times more slowly than in reality, and we can observe all the details of this extremely rapid process. It is both hypnotising and extremely beautiful.

Here is the process at 1,3oo images per second, compared to the same process filmed at 30,0000 images per second:


Here is the process at 1,300 images per second, compared with it filmed at 15,000 per second: