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Elon Musk has launched his own flame thrower

Credits : The Boring Company

Not without a touch of humour, the patron of Tesla and Space X has recently launched thousands of flame-throwers, after setting himself a challenge on Twitter. And it all started as a simple joke! 

In December 2017, Elon Musk announced that he would release his very own flame-throwers, if he could complete the following challenge: sell at least 50,000 baseball caps bearing the logo The Boring Company, one of his enterprises aiming to construct a tunnel under the city of Los Angeles, in order to reduce travel time and to free up the road networks.

Given than he succeeded with the challenge, Musk was obliged to keep his promise and produce his own line of flame throwers. Finally, 20,000 such items were released on the market as a special edition, according to a publication on the 27th January 2018. (You can see what the flame thrower looks like in the video at the end of the article).

Certain web users, intrigued by the promotion, sent out a somewhat off-the-wall rumour: Elon Musk was preparing for a zombie apocalypse by selling flame throwers. Obviously, Musk responded in the negative and declared that there were no zombie threats involved in the project. Strictly speaking, the weapon is not actually a flame-thrower, but more of a giant blow torch with a range of a few dozen centimeters.

It seems to be simply a promotional measure to highlight The Boring Company once again, whose project is evolving slowly but surely. The company were recently in the media with an announcement of the intention to build a second tunnel under the city of Lost Angeles.

In the meantime, here is a video showing Elon Musk having fun with his new toy:

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