Flat Earth theorist fails (again) to launch his rocket

Credits: Screenshot / Noize TV

In the United States, a man who is convinced of a huge conspiracy hiding the fact that the Earth is in fact flat, was due to launch his own rocket on Saturday 3rd February 2018. Yet again, his launch was a failure. 

Mike Hughes, nicknamed “Mad Mike”, is one of the most famous flat Earth theorists. In an article at the end of January, we revealed Mike’s intentions to launch his own rocket, in order to prove for once and for all that the Earth is not a globe, but is in fact completely flat. Except that, once again, he failed, and his rocket never left the ground.

On Saturday 3rd February 2018, Hughes installed himself in his home made rocket. His plan was to take off in his engine and fly to 550 meters above the Californian desert and take photos, before returning to Earth in a parachute. But as we can see in a video released by Noize TV, who filmed the event live, the rocket never took off.

Although photos taken from such a height were never going to prove anything, and nowadays this is a height that can be reached on a mountain or even in a skyscraper, Mike Hughes continued to believe that his photos could prove that the Earth is flat. In reality, the curve of the Earth is only visible from an altitude of 10,700 meters -around eleven times the altitude Mike had planned on flying to.

But this new failure clearly hasn’t deterred Hughes, who is more determined than ever to execute his plan.