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Are male sex robots going to be successful?

Meet Nick, the doll used as a model for the male sex robot by Realbotix Credits : RealDoll

As we know, female sex robots are already a hit. So what about male sex robots? The company Realbotix have announced that they want to release a male version of its sex robot this year.

Sex robots enjoy a certain popularity, but there is no agreement on the matter. Some people believe that traditional sex could be in peril. However, it will be a very long time before every household is “equipped” with such a machine. But if female sex robots are already gathering a growing fan base, what about male sex robots?

In fact, Realbotix recently announced to the Daily Star Online that they hope to launch a male version of their sex robot during the course of 2018. This company have already spoken out about the imminent market launch of their feminine robot “Harmony”. Online boutiques are already impatiently awaiting its release.

Until now, the sex robots available are limited to female prototypes aimed at heterosexual men. However, the question remains as to what audience Realbotix’s male sex robot will target. While a precise date for its launch has not been announced, we already know that, like Harmony, the male sex robot will have tactile and thermal sensors.

Cindy Gallop, the founder of the site MakeLoveNotPorn, is one of the people against the launch of this robot, which according to her, was created by Realbotix from a male viewpoint, as reported in Vice News. She points particularly to one of the robot’s functions which is to function for as long as necessary, and she believes that this relates to an erroneous definition of the sexual act of love.

For Gallop, this robot’s existence “implies that sex for women is nothing more than a series of thrusts”. In fact, Realbotix don’t appear to have thought to give its robot the ability to use its other organs, such as the tongue or the lips. Furthermore, the male robot’s personality will likely be programmed in a stereotypical and hetero-normative fashion.

Realbotix’s sex robot appears to target a female heterosexual audience, excluding homosexual men (as it lacks any orifices). The product may also appeal only to women who don’t demand much in terms of sexual variety, when it comes to sources of pleasure. We await its release and the first visuals of the product to get a better idea!

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