Is it okay to feed raw meat to animals? Could be a bad idea….

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A recent study has suggested that giving raw meat to your pets could pose risks for their health, but the practice could also pose risks for humans. The researchers suggested that it is better to feed your pets with processed food. 

Feeding raw meat to your cat or dog: is it a bad idea? Even if many people do this, the idea that it isn’t the right thing to do has been around for a while. However, a study led by researchers in Utrecht University (the Netherlands), published in a paper in volume 182 of VetRecord in January 2018, suggesting that the practice should be banned.

If raw meat -which is still less processed than many shop bought pet foods -is known for being more easily digested by animals, the researchers believe that industrial pet foods are in fact better for your animals’ health. What’s more, they discovered a risk to both the pet and their owner, when the pets eat raw meat.

The scientists analysed 35 pieces of meat and the results were unequivocal. The famous bacteria E-coli  was present in 23% of samples, certain listeria were found in 43% of them, and not forgetting salmonella, which was contained in 20% of the pieces of meat tested.

“Cats and dogs that eat raw meat diets are also more likely to become infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria than animals on conventional diets, which could pose a serious risk to both animal health and public health,” said Paul Overgaauw, one of the leaders of the study.

The researchers suggested that raw meat has no health benefits for our pets, and in fact could cause stomach problems, teeth problems and thyroid problems. Without making precise predictions regarding potential contamination, the researchers indicated that there could be risk factors for the humans who live near the animal, which are not present when the pets eat industrially produced pet food.

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