A photographer has created a map of the world’s top photography hotspots

Credits : PhotoSpots / Screenshot interactive map

A Swiss based photographer has produced an interactive map, presenting the most interesting spots to visit and immortalise in photo the world over. Already full to the brim of idealistic locations, this map could be an ideal tool for travellers looking for inspiration!

The photographer Mike Wong had the inspired idea of creating a detailed interactive map which he called PhotoSpots. It uses Google Maps as a base, and the project is also sponsored by Google. Wong himself lives in Zurich and is a big fan of travel. The map that he recently dreamed up is a “heat map”, meaning it can present graphics in the form of ‘heat’, going from yellow to red depending on the number of popular spots in a given area. 

Each featured location comes with a selection of photos from photo community 500px, illustrating the beauty of the area, which are displayed in a strip of images at the base of the screen. What’s more, you can vary your search for locations based on different times of the year.

Credits : PhotoSpots / Screenshot: interactive map

On Reddit, Mike Wong shared his map and has received numerous positive comments:

“I love travelling and finding new spots to photograph, and therefore I’m often scrolling aimlessly through Google Maps…. A few weeks ago, I thought that it would be interesting to see where and when other photographers were taking photos, so I decided to create a small website that shows exactly that”, says Mike.

Have a look at Mike Wong’s map

Extremely detailed, this map shows that Mike Wong has been to many, many locations, and wished to share his experiences with a wider audience. The only flaw in the platform: each spot contains only a few very recent photos, being those taken in the last two months.

However, the photographer has promised to attend to this. He would also like to add categories such as “nature”, or “cities”, so as to allow the user to filter images.

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