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“The tree man”, having been declared healed, has had a relapse

Credits: Munir Uz Zaman / AFP

Abul Bajandar from Bangladesh was declared healed of his imposing warts, after around twenty surgeries. However, the disease has unfortunately made a comeback. 

In 2016, Abul Bajandar‘s story went viral after he was admitted to Dacca hospital in Bangladesh, for the removal of multiple warts which led to him being nicknamed “the tree man”. This disease is actually quite well known, and is called epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV), also known as treeman syndrome. It is a rare skin condition of genetic origin.

In 2017, doctors thought they had defeated the disease in the case of Abul Bajandar, but as time went on, they were forced to admit that the case was more complex than it had first appeared. In fact, the patient suffered a relapse, or in other words, the warts reappeared.

The 27 year old man has not been able to work for years. This ex-rickshaw driver had almost lost hope, living his daily life in a small hospital ward. He was afraid that we would have to undergo further operations, and feared that his hands and feet would never be return to normal.

The positive side of Bajandar’s story is that the hospital, fascinated by the case, agreed to treat him for free. The doctors removed no less than five kilograms of warts. They estimated that after the relapse, the patient will need more time to recover than was previously hoped. Abul Bajandar has recently undergone his 25th operation, and this could continue for quite some time.

Last year, the same hospital treated Sahana Khatun, a ten year old little girl affected by the same condition, and according to the doctors, she was the first case of a “tree woman” in the world. Her situation is similar to that of Abul Bajandar: after the doctors removed her warts, they came back, especially on her face.

Sources : Sciences et AvenirLibération