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A truck has destroyed part of the Nazca Lines in Peru

Credits: Wikimedia Commons / Pierre André Leclercq

Over 2000 years old, the famous and mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru have been seriously damaged by a truck that drove over them.

The damage is considerable and represents extensive destruction. A that truck took a wrong turn has damaged the famous Nazca lines, which have existed in Peru for over 2000 years. Representing animals and plants, this significant part of Peruvian heritage is fully visible only from the sky. According to a statement from the authorities, the incident occurred on the 27th of January last.

Although the mystical site, classed as a world heritage site, is surrounded by warning signs strictly forbidding access, the truck driver simply ignored them, “damaging the plain’s surface, including three geoglyphs”, explains the Peruvian minister for culture. “The truck left deep marks over a distance of around 100 meters”, before the driver was stopped by guards. The guards “made a complaint to the Peruvian police”, continues the minister.

So what are the Nazca lines? Discovered a little over a half a century ago in the Peruvian desert, these immense lines depict a total of 70 plants and animals. They spread over a such a large area that they are only visible from the sky, which has helped fuel the mystery and hypotheses regarding their origins and their historical function. According to archaeologists, these lines spread over an area of 750 meters squared, and served a ceremonial function in the Nazca civilisation.

Among the animals depicted in these geoglyphs, we can find a monkey 135 meters wide, a spider 46 meters long and a giant bird, 300 meters long and 54 meters wide.