Careers in 2030 imagined in illustrations

Credits: Designboom

In around a dozen years, we could have careers that we never even thought of. Superstructure printers, blockchain bank engineers or even remote robotic surgeons could be some of the future  professions as yet unheard of. 

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting took place in Davos in Switzerland from the 23rd to the 26th of January this year. This is reputed for being the most political economic forum in the world. Every year, this event brings company directors, global political leaders, intellectuals and journalists together. Their goal is to debate the most urgent problems facing the planet, including matters in the domains of health and the environment.

This year, artificial intelligence was discussed as a destructive force, but also as a creator of jobs. An interesting statistic was highlighted: 65% of today’s children will work in a career that doesn’t yet exist. In the coming years, the field of AI could generate over 20 million jobs, 85% of which will be unprecedented.

Furthermore, these numbers -which obviously can’t be verified as they are predictive in nature -relate to an alarming subject: employment and the overhaul of the world of work in the future. For the occasion, French illustrator Florian de Gesincourt and digital design agency AKQA based in San Francisco were charged with creating artistic representations of these future careers. They can be found on the website Designboom (or have a look below).

Sources: DesignboomLe FigaroL’ADN

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