Would you have had the courage to save this giant spider from drowning?

Credits: Screenshot Youtube / International News 3

The Queensland area in Australia recently underwent torrential rains. The area flooded, and many animals unfortunately found themselves trapped. This was notably the case for this gigantic bird eating tarantula, saved from his fate by a young Australian woman. 

Arachnophobes, cover your ears! Outside a supermarket in Halifax, a giant spider was found stranded on a branch above the River Herbert in flood. Andrea Gofton was passing by. The young Australian tried everything to save the creature from the water. In a video on her Facebook page, she filmed her first attempt, not forgetting to measure the animal with her hand in order to show the size of the spider.

Finally, other locals came to help bring the animal to safety. Together, they broke the branch from which the spider was hanging, to bring it back onto dry land. The spider was delivered safe and sound to an avocado tree in the city centre, far from the floods. According to Owen Seeman -a manager of the Queensland Museum -the giant spider belonged to the Phlogius Crassipes family. 

This brave person used the branch of a tree to carry the spider to safety on dry land.

And you? Would you have been brave enough? These tarantulas can in fact be very aggressive if they feel under threat. Even if it is rare for a human to die from a tarantula bite, such a bite can be fatal for dogs and cats. The expression “bird eating spider” is however a misappropriation of language. The giant Australian tarantula only very occasionally eats birds. It prefers to feed on lizards, frogs and other spiders. Another fun fact about giant Australian tarantulas: the females can lay up to 50 eggs at a time.