An engineer has created a shelter to rescue homeless people in emergency situations

Credits: Screenshot / Geoffroy de Reynal on Vimeo

A French engineer has developed the “Igloo”, an insulated shelter that appears to be an ideal emergency solution for homeless people. It is without a doubt a brilliant invention. 

This idea was concocted by renewable energy engineer Geoffroy de Reynal from Bordeaux, and its name is directly inspired by the ice shelters built from blocks of ice by the Inuit people. However, the invention is not intended as a permanent lodgement. In fact, it aims to provide an emergency solution for homeless people, allowing them to spend the night in a warm environment, where the internal temperatures can reach 15 or 20 degrees (when external temperatures are approaching 0), and where two people can take refuge.

In terms of dimensions, the igloo measures 1.2 x 2 meters, and measures 90 cm in height. It is made from polyethylene, with the inside coated with aluminium, which makes the shelter isothermal.

“I worked in Montenegro where I noticed that nobody was sleeping on the streets. There is a natural solidarity there that ensures no one has to do so, despite people living in more difficult conditions than we have here. When I got back to Paris, I was so shocked”, he told a French daily.

The project set up a crowd funding campaign on the Ulule platform, which has been a great success. Although the goal was set at 5,000 euro, donations of almost 18,000 euro were pledged! This success allowed the inventor to envisage new larger and more advanced designs.

In the future, who knows, it may be possible to see this style of ‘igloo’ in city streets, which would make a welcome change from the measures taken to deter homeless people we see in our urban areas nowadays.

Sources: PositivRSud Ouest