Virtual reality: will it mean the end of authentic sexual relationships?

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Even as far back as the 1990s, certain films contained scenes in which the characters experimented with virtual sex. With the current advent of virtual reality and increasingly technological sex devices, it seems that sectors of humanity are gradually detaching themselves from sexual relationships in the flesh. 

“I think that in a few years, having a real sexual relationship with someone will become a type of fetish. The majority of sexual relationships will use technology and virtual reality”, says Brian Shuster, the founder of Holo Girls VR, to the Huffington Post Québec.

Shuster is convinced that virtual sex will take the place of classic sexual relationships in the near future, possibly within the next decade. According to him, the revolution has already begun, like “in Japan, where many people under the age of 30 prefer to develop their sexuality on the internet rather than in real life”. 

Holo Girls VR specialises in the production of pornographic content in the sphere of virtual reality, a currently booming market. According to Shuster, technological progress will break down the barriers between the consumer and the porn star, and virtual reality will become more and more accepted as a way of exploring one’s sexuality.

“Pornography will no longer be something we just consume, but a new way of having sexual relationships”, he claims.

Virtual reality is already accompanied by digital sex toys such as Teledildonics, masturbation devices. Used with a virtual reality headset, it can allow you to have sexual relations with a long distance partner, but also with a camgirl or a porn actress.

“We may believe that the disappearance of carnal connection would be a terrible thing. But we could also look at things differently. I believe that virtual reality can help improve the quality of people’s sex lives and can reinforce people’s relationships. It would reduce the risks of infidelity. We wouldn’t have to worry any more about unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.”

“And certain practices could become more accessible. Anal sex is nice to watch on video, but in real life, it takes a lot of preparation, and you are never safe from an “accident”. With virtual sex, you avoid all these problems.”

It’s a funny way of explaining the advantages of abandoning traditional sex for virtual sex, but the fact remains that there is a market and the practice is gaining more and more fans.

The films The Lawnmower Man (1992) and Demolition Man (1993) contained one or more scenes depicting virtual sex. In the latter case, the policeman John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) wakes up in a frozen state after 36 years and discovers a world in which people had banned “the exchange of bodily fluids” and replaced actual sex with virtual sex, achieved with headsets.

What was once science fiction has now become a reality, which seems to be on the rise. Everyone will have their own opinions on the matter, and will make their own decisions accordingly.

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