Will we say goodbye to computer keyboards thanks to this new invention?


An American company have developed a gesture recognition system which allows you to do without a keyboard and even a mouse for your computer, as well as the remote control for the television. 

Although the digital world has undergone numerous evolutions and innovations, the keyboard has survived intact until now, contrary to the mouse which has been replaced by the touchpads on laptops. The American start-up TAP System however had something to say about that, and have developed an ingenious device: a controller that looks somewhat like a knuckleduster.

Christened the Tap Strap, the device is made up of five rings intended to replace your mouse and keyboard. You need to tap with your fingers in order to control various devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets or even televisions! Obviously, the device is wireless and connects via Bluetooth.

So before we talk about a possible disappearance of the traditional keyboard with the arrival of this invention, the question is this: how can you produce text? The sensors in the device are able to transform finger movements into characters, and the user can simply tap on any given surface.

As can be seen in the video at the end of the article, it can take a little while to master it. There are in fact 31 combinations of strikes to learn in order to be able to type text. Although it only takes a single tap to produce vowels, consonants are more complicated as you need to learn the combinations.

The Tap Strap, which is already on sale for 150 dollars, doesn’t really look like an ideal solution for typing on computer, and a keyboard is still more practical. On the other hand, for smartphones and tablets (or even smart watches), it could prove very useful, and we can imagine new apps inventing innovative ways of writing messages. The device could well replace the TV remote, and we would be only too delighted to finish with the endless hours spent looking for it!

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