Following a plane accident, it rained gold bars in Siberia!

Credits: The Siberian Times

A Russian Antonov AN-12, which was transporting 9.3 tons of gold last month, lost a part of its cargo upon take-off. It was also carrying some platinum and a few diamonds. Fortunately, no one was injured by the shower of metal and precious stones. 

In mid March, the Airport of Yakoutsk made the headlines after a shower of gold ingots rained down on the tarmac. As reported in The Siberian Times, a Russian Antonov AN-12 coming from the remote region of Tchoukotka, transporting 9.3 tons of gold ingots, experienced technical problems during take-off. “While the plane was gaining altitude, the bunker door was damaged by cargo moving around”, dispersing some of the cargo onto the runway, explained the commission for the inquiry. In total, over 3 tons of gold were dropped in the surrounds of the airport.

And now? There is nothing left! “172 ingots were recovered, weighing around 3.4 tons”, declared the local minister to the Russian press agency TASS. “Only part of the cargo was lost, and in total there were 9 tons inside the plane”, he added, which came to a total market value of 363 million dollars. The spokesperson for the Canadian conglomerate Kinross Gold -who own the gold mine the gold came from -announced that “all of the cargo was recovered and there were no losses”.

According to the Washington Post, the police however closed off the area as a precaution during the search, in order to prevent a gold rush. It probably wasn’t worth going out in the cold to go looking for the ingots, but many of the city’s residents still went on the hunt in neighbouring fields. After all, you just never know!