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Meet Henry, the first sex robot for women: he even has “a sense of humour”

Credits: screenshot Youtube / Brick Dollbanger

Following the first sex robot equipped with artificial intelligence intended for men, here is the first of its kind for women! Named Henry, this robotic male sex doll should appeal to women who are ready to spend the 11,000 dollars demanded by the manufacturers.

In mid 2017, the company RealBotix, a branch of Abyss Creations, were already making waves by announcing the release of their female sex robot Harmony. This new generation sex toy integrates artificial intelligence in order to act not only as a sexual partner, but also as a companion for men.

And now RealBotix have announced the arrival of Henry, a male sex robot intended for women, as explained in an article in the Mirror UK on the 26th March 2018. Henry is capable of “superhuman sexual performance”. He is physically the ‘ideal man’: he is six foot tall, with defined abs and a piercing dark stare.

However, similar to with sex robot Harmony, the researchers also considered the social and emotional aspects of Henry. They have announced that he is able to chat with his owner, discussing their favourite films and series, or even make jokes. A veritable Don Juan, Henry can even woo his fair maiden by singing her love songs or reciting poetry.

Not yet fully developed, Henry is still undergoing modifications at RealBotix. Although his silicone body is anatomically correct, he is still a little light (weighing only 40 kgs) and has not ‘mastered’ robotic movements. For the moment, his head is the only body part that properly moves robotically, with which users can interact via a smartphone app.

“Women have the same issues of loneliness as men. People call them sex dolls but mostly it’s about companionship”, says Matt McMullen, the CEO of Realbotix.

The robot is already patented and available for 11,000 dollars, and this cost could rise to over 15,000 dollars depending on the options selected. Finally, we should note that the arrival of such a robot for ladies is a significant event, given that 95% of inventions in this domain are made for men.

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