Meet Slingshot, the most advanced computer virus ever!

Credits: Flickr / Yuri Samoilov

Cybersecurity experts have discovered a virus that could well be the most sophisticated computer virus created to date. This formidable malware causes two attacks at the same time, which leaves the target computer with absolutely no chance!

In recent weeks, a large number of experts in cybersecurity have been trying to learn more about a new virus capable of very powerful DDoS attacks, which have already affected several websites. The people who discovered this virus, researchers in the Kaspersky Lab, estimate that it is also attacking MikroTik routers.

In a report published on Kaspersky’s website on the 9th March 2018, experts nicknamed the virus “Slingshot”, and expressed their astonishment at the intelligence of the programme in question. It targets not only internet sites, but it is specially developed to also target computers linked to MikroTik routers.

Once the virus enters a machine, various file sources are replaced by infected files, and two simultaneous attacks are triggered. While the connection is open, the hackers are free to directly attack the files and the operating system of the target computer.

Kaspersky experts are even talking of a veritable “masterpiece” that hackers have developed in terms of its infiltration systems. The entire computer is converted into an open book, leaving the hackers free to steal various data (bank details, passwords, images, etc.). Kaspersky experts even believe that there could have been a particular state involved in the creation of the Slingshot virus, given its complexity and its malicious intent.

For the moment, it appears that only MikroTik have been infected, but others could also be targeted. In the meantime, MikroTik have announced several updates for the router that should prevent this kind of problem in the future.

Sources: ZDNet FranceSiècle Digital