Will there soon be a tower over 1km high? Presenting the Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour!

Credits: Emaar Properties

Two years ago, a property development company in Dubai revealed plans for Dubai Creek Harbour, a project involving the construction of a new port, notably including a tower which, according to the developers, will measure over 1 kilometer in height. 

In part of its mission to making itself the most advanced and future-oriented city in the world, Dubai is well on the way to beating its own record for the world’s highest building. The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour, which should be completed in 2020 along with the rest of the project, should overtake the Burj Khalifa with its 828 meters in height.

One of the biggest property developers in the emirate, Emaar Properties -who previously piloted the Burj Khalifa project between 2003 and 2010 -are once more at the helm of the new Dubai Creek Harbour project. According to the developers, this new deluxe and futuristic port is “at the heart of a bold new vision for Dubai”, as can be read on the official page for the project.

The images released by Emaar Properties depict futuristic architecture coupled with abundant vegetation, and the spellbinding edifice is set to be an enormous tower overshadowing all other buildings. Although the Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour is due to exceed a height of 1 kilometer, it shouldn’t actually be considered a skyscraper, as there is very little usable space.

Credits: Emaar Properties

According to Mohamed Alabbar, the president of Emaar Properties, this will be an “elegant monument” which will also be “svelte, resembling a minaret”. Mohamed Alabbar hopes to add value to the buildings that will be developed around the port. In practice, the tower will contain an oval structure with a number of observation posts, and it will house a station for the much anticipated flying taxi drones, whose development is only a few months away.

Dubai Creek Harbour will also contain two 80-storey residential towers, (Two-tower Dubai Creek Harbour) and a large ultra-luxury hotel, 62 storeys high (Grand Dubai Creek Harbour).

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