A couple die in a car accident, and their baby is born… 4 years later

Credits: iStock

A child was born four years after the death of his parents in an accident, following a long legal battle led by the parents of the couple. The child’s grandparents persevered and finally succeeded in bringing the child into the world!

Little “Tiantian” was born on the 9th December 2017 in a hospital in Guangzhou (Canton, China), and is the result of a long battle following a sad story. The child’s parents, Shen Jie and Liu Xi, were found dead at the scene of a road accident in 2013, as is explained in an article that appeared in the Beijing News on the 10th April 2018.

The couple had been undergoing fertility treatment and they commenced the process of IVF, but their deaths occurred a few days before the fertilised embryos were due to be implanted in the surrogate mother.

During the three years following the couple’s death, the respective grandparents engaged in a long legal battle to have their rights recognised to the four frozen embryos, and they finally won the case. Next, they went to neighbouring Laos to find a surrogate mother, as surrogacy is forbidden in China.

While the family planned to take a flight to Laos, four different airline companies refused to allow them to board with the flask of liquid nitrogen containing the four embryos. This is how the “precious cargo” left the country by road, and nine months later, the mother came to China to give birth.

While the birth all went well, the grandparents were obliged to do DNA tests to prove their biological link to the child. The grandparents also said that until the child is old enough to understand, they will protect him by telling him that his parents are away travelling.

Sources : Sciences et Avenir20 Minutes