French farmers found a piece of a SpaceX rocket a few meters from their garden!

Credits: Quéménès Farm - Iroise Island / Twitter

A French farming couple, living in Brittany, discovered what appears likely to be a piece of a rocket manufactured by Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX. It is a dome of over two meters in diameter!

How would you react if you got up one morning and discovered a piece of a rocket near your home? This is exactly what happened to a French couple from Brittany, who live on the island of Quéménès, in the Iroise Sea. This couple, two of the island’s four inhabitants, found themselves face to face with a dome measuring 2.5 meters in diameter (and 1.3 meters in height), washed up by the sea and visibly worn down by the waves.

Amélie Goosens and her partner, Étienne Menguy, posted photos on Twitter on the 13th April 2018 (see below), showing the dome with the SpaceX inscription on the side. “We first thought it was a racing boat”, say the couple, who tried to directly attract the attention of Elon Musk, by announcing “Look what we found from @SpaceX on Quéménès Island, where we live in Brittany (France)! What is it?”

While the dome was brought by tractor to the farm, observers, including astronomer Jonathon McDowell, believe that it could be the nose of the Dragon capsule, a cargo vessel developed for NASA in order to refuel the International Space Station (ISS). In fact, when the craft left the Earth’s atmosphere, it lost its nose, which fell into the ocean. The object could thus have slowly drifted towards Quéménès Island, transported by the waves.

Decidedly, SpaceX are making a name for themselves and are now omnipresent in the media. On 17th April last, SpaceX launched TESS, the largest spatial telescope they have ever made, and NASA’s new tool for searching for exoplanets.

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