This interactive map simulates a nuclear attack in the town of your choice

Credits: Outrider Foundation

An American NGO has recently revealed an interactive map which allows you to simulate a nuclear attack, choosing the site of impact. Several choices of nuclear bomb are available, and the platform allows you to learn about the consequences of such an explosion.

A map that can measure the effects of a nuclear explosion on any town on the planet? This is exactly what the NGO the Outrider Foundation came up with, aiming to inform the wider public about the greatest threats and dangers facing humanity.

Civil or military nuclear activity is presented as one of these dangers. Accidents such as happened in Chernobyl (1986) and Fukushima (2011) serve as reminders, as well as the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the United States in 1945. The fact is that nuclear weaponry has continued to develop, and there are numerous military forces throughout the world who possess very dangerous weapons.

The Outrider Foundation’s interactive map is similar to the app Nukemap that we learned about in 2015. However, this new platform looks more modern and attractive. The user can select the type of bomb to drop on the city of their choice, which can be selected from the search bar.

Among the choices of bomb, there is the Little Boy bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima (Japan) on the 6th August 1945, the North Korean missile Hwasong-14, the American thermonuclear missile warhead W-87 or the Tsar Bomba (50,000 kilotons), the largest weapon of mass destruction ever detonated, developed by the Soviet Union (USSR).

It is possible to choose to detonate either on land or in the air, and the interactive map provides a great deal of information, starting with the number of potential deaths and injuries. As you can see below, a trial with the Tsar Bomba on the city of Shanghai (China) provides terrifying results: over 8 million deaths and around 4.5 million people injured.

Credits: Outrider Foundation

Sources: The VergeVivre Demain