Sperm donation: this ‘fun’ machine could automatically extract semen!

Credits: Screenshot / Reuters

Machines can do just about anything, and the proof is in this Chinese technology, which aims to extract sperm in an automated fashion. This machine is currently in use in hospitals for sperm donation and taking sperm samples for analysis. 

This machine, called SW-3701, was developed by Sanwegroup, a centre for science and technology based in the Jiangsu province, to the North of Shanghai. In theory, the device in question stimulates the patient and automatically collects his sperm, making the procedure easier as well as free, as it eliminates the need for human logistics. The machine’s mechanical tube effectively masturbates the individual in order to collect their precious semen.

(Screenshot: Reuters)

However, this is nothing new, as the SW-3701 has existed since 2014. Sanwegroup indicates in a video released by Reuters, that the device “has already been sold to clinics in the United States, Russia and France”, and simulates “the temperature and the sensations of the female sexual organ.”

For the Chinese, it is “the best way to collect samples for sperm donations or for fertility tests”. On the official page for the product, you can see that you can regulate the “massage speed” from 0 to 1.5 Hz, as well as the “movement speed”, from 0 to 2.5 Hz.

The Chinese appear rather imaginative when it comes to sperm donation. In 2015, two Chinese clinics offered donors a payment of the price of an iPhone 6s, using the iPhone in their advertising campaign.

According to the Reuters video, over 10,000 of these machines have been sold in the past three years, at around 12,000 euro per machine.

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