US: Woman has a 60 kg tumour removed from her abdomen

Credits: iStock

A woman from Connecticut recently had a colossal tumour, weighing 60 kilograms, removed from one of her ovaries. Having appeared last November, the mass grew at an alarming rate of over 4 and a half kilograms per week. 

The 38 year old patient went to her doctor a few months ago, perplexed by why she was gaining weight. In fact, there is no denying that gaining 4 and a half kilos in a week is surprising. A CT scan revealed a mass in her abdomen. She was immediately referred to oncologist and gynaecologist Vaagn Andikyan from Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, who was simply astounded. I might expect to see a 25-pound ovarian tumour, but a 132-pound tumour is very rare”, he said.

“When I met the patient, she was extremely malnourished because the tumour was sitting on her digestive tract”, explained the doctor. “She used a wheelchair because of the tumour’s weight. I wanted to help her, and I knew that we could at Danbury Hospital…..” Apparently, tumours of this type tend to be very large, but “tumors this big are exceedingly rare in the literature,” Andriken added. “It may be in the top 10 or 20 tumours of this size removed worldwide”. The medical team intervened on the 14th of February, and the operation took 5 hours, requiring the expertise of 12 surgeons.

The doctors finally succeeded in removing the mass in the patient’s left ovary. In order to do so, they had to remove the ovary, the fallopian tube, and the affected peritoneal tissue which was adhering to the ovary. They also removed the excess skin that had expanded over the young woman’s abdomen, and reconstructed the damaged wall of the abdomen. The tumour in fact turned out to be benign: the patient was able to go home two weeks after the operation, and went back to work after just over three months of convalescence.