Yemen: no, he hasn’t filmed dragons!

Credits: screenshot Youtube / Juan Villa Herrero

A few weeks ago, a man claimed to have filmed two dragons, the first splayed out on the ground and the second in mid flight. It is quite simply a hoax, as the images date back to 2016!

Internet user Ihssane Karim, who lives in Morocco, is skilled at making videos go viral. On his Facebook page on the 12th April 2018, he shared two videos, on which he commented in Arabic that it was possible to see a visibly dead dragon and another in mid flight, flapping its wings. According to Karim, the two dragons were supposedly spotted in the province of Abyan, in the south west of Yemen.

Despite having caused quite the stir on social media, these videos obviously do not depict real dragons, especially not the kind of legendary creature that springs to mind. In the West, dragons are generally depicted as powerful fire breathing reptiles, with incredible prowess in the air. In Asia, the creatures cannot fly and are more so associated with wisdom, generally drawn in fine lines. Among the Aztecs, the dragon takes on the appearance of an enormous feathered serpent.

Dragons have never really existed, and are not likely to either! In fact, the dragon corpse visible in the second video has been identified as being a model that was made for a programme about paranormal activities, broadcast in Spain in 2016.

At the time, the producers of this programme published a video on Youtube showing the making of the model of the dragon, step by step. A second video was also released (see below), describing the filming of the programme, and explaining that the dragon was indeed a fake. It is in fact this self same video that was appropriated and shortened in order to pass the model off as a real dragon.

Sources: MashableFredZone