This optical illusion will melt your brain!

Credits: Screenshot YouTube / Skifbull Channel

Things aren’t always what they seem. And if ever you needed proof, have a look at this arrow, which points right, no matter which way you turn it. A feat that we owe to the genius mathematician and Japanese illusionist Kokichi Sugihara. 

The mathematician Kokichi Sugihara from Meiji University in Japan, proves once again that he is the greatest inventor of illusions of our time. Instead of simply creating images that melt our minds, he creates 3D objects that appear to ignore the laws of the universe. Like this arrow that always points right. So does it really exist?

(Physicsfun / Instagram)

All good? Mote that the illusion always works, and even when the arrow is placed beside a mirror, the reflection always points left, while the actual arrow continues to point right. If you are happy not to know how it works, stop right here! Sugihara in fact reveals its intelligent workings below (and it has nothing to do with magic).

Sugihara uses his abilities as a mathematician to create uniquely shaped 3D objects, which can change in appearance depending on the angle from which you look at them. Seen from above, this “arrow” is in fact a perfectly symmetrical but ambiguous shape. Seen from a different angle however, the waves on the top make one side appear to have one end more pointed than the other, and your brain tries to make sense of what it sees, in the context of something it has seen before. Thus, an arrow pointing right is the obvious choice. The previously hidden contours are deformed by your own sense of perception while you look at the object from another angle.

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