Gentlemen: masturbate regularly – it’s good for your health!

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Masturbation has always been somewhat of a taboo subject, although the benefits are well documented. This is particularly the case in men, in whom regular ejaculation considerably reduces the risk of prostate cancer. 

It won’t make you go blind, and it won’t make you sterile either. In reality, masturbation has numerous benefits. Science has just shed light on another of these benefits, with a large study led by Harvard researchers on 31,925 men over a period of 18 years, which appeared in the journal European Urology. This study confirms that regular ejaculation could protect our fine gentlemen from prostate cancer.

We are not only talking about masturbation, but about the frequency of ejaculation in general. Over the course of this longitudinal study, the researchers noticed that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month during their youth presented with 19% less risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, compared to those who did so no more than seven times a month. In the same way, those who ejaculated frequently in their forties had a 22% lower risk.

This isn’t the only study to show a link between the frequency of ejaculation and a reduction in the risk of developing this type of cancer. For the researchers, this is explained notably by the carcinogenic properties of certain components of sperm. In fact, frequent ejaculation can regularly rid the body of substances that could otherwise cause changes in the prostate.

Qu'importe la manière !
By whatever means necessary!

But that’s not all! This isn’t the only benefit of male masturbation, which can also improve sperm quality. Although frequent ejaculation means a lower quantity of sperm, the quality is improved, with the sperm being more active and fitter for fertilising an egg.

The other benefits are well known, including boosting moral and reducing stress – benefits which apply to both sexes. In fact, we know that masturbation helps the brain release dopamine, which promotes a feeling of well-being, and it also causes the release of endorphins, which reduce feelings of pain and stress.

Source: European Urology

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