A student has invented a revolutionary new iPhone case

Credits: Preview Online / Philip Frenzel

The first generation of smartphones were resistant enough that their screens didn’t shatter into a million pieces at the slightest impact. However, nowadays, every time we drop our phones, fear kicks in! A German student has developed a revolutionary protective case, based on the same principle as the Airbag! 

Cases and smartphones go perfectly together, particularly since screens have become larger and more fragile. Besides being an accessory to bling up your phone, using a case is obviously a matter of protection. However, depending on how the phone falls, accidents can still happen.

Student Philip Frenzel from the University of Aalen (German) has developed a solution that is sure to delight iPhone users, bearing in mind that iPhones are the most expensive smartphones on the market. He invented a case that works like an Airbag.

As was explained by a recent article in Preview Online, the case is at first glance completely normal. However, when the smartphone falls, flexible plastic legs placed in each corner of the device automatically spring out, and soften the phone’s fall, without damaging the screen.

The system uses the same mechanism as that of an Airbag. Frenzel had previously tried to make the device using foam, but the results were inconclusive. Bear in mind that Frenzel still feels the case is too big, and he plans to keep working on it in order to develop a smaller model.

For the development of the case, the student received a prize from the German Society for Mechatronics. In any case, the invention has as of now been patented, and its glory days are sure to come!

Sources: Business Insider

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