Doctors were telling her to lose weight, while she had 23 kg ovarian cyst!

Credits: Jackson Hospital

After months of stomach problems, pain and unexplained weight gain, a young American woman recently underwent surgery to remove a 23 kilogram ovarian cyst.

Kayla Rahn, a young woman of 30 years of age from Alabama in the United States, had been suffering from stomach pain for several weeks. She had also put on a lot of weight in the previous months, to the extent that she could barely walk. “I couldn’t even walk to my car without  getting out of breath”, she explained to local website WSFA. The doctors were strongly advising that she lose weight, but in spite of all her efforts, she continued to pile on the pounds. Eventually, the pain got so bad that she went to the emergency department, where the doctors finally identified the problem: a 23 kg mass on one of her ovaries.

Kayla had a type of growth known as a mucinous cystadenoma: a benign tumour that forms in the external layer of the ovary, called the epithelium. Mucinous cystadenoma tumours represent around 15% of all ovarian tumours. They are filled with a thick gelatinous liquid and can become quite large, some of them reaching a weight of 130 kilos! Recently in Connecticut, a woman presented with a similar tumour weighing around 60 kilos.

Most often, such tumours occur in women aged 20 to 40 years of age, but they can also occur in adolescents and menopausal women, according to a 2014 article. Kayla’s doctor, Dr. Gregory Jones, an obstetrician gynaecologist in the Jackson Montgomery Hospital, claims to have seen other cases of mucinous cystadenomas, but he was also surprised by the size of this incredible tumour – “It is one of the largest I have ever seen or removed”. Since her operation, the young women is still recovering, but she can now walk again.


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