This 17 year old is set to be the first person to walk on Mars!

Credits: screenshot Youtube / BBYO Insider

For the past two years, Alyssa Carson has been being prepared by NASA to become the first Terrestrial to walk on Martian soil. The least we can say is that she is determined! 

The American space agency plan to send astronauts to Mars not long after 2030, as part of the most significant project for human exploration on Mars, although Space X and Elon Musk are working simultaneously on the task, and hope to do so in 2024. Whatever the case, NASA is training its astronauts, and recently, The Sun reported on a 17 year old American called Alyssa Carson, who is set to be the first person to set foot on Mars!

Carson, originally from Baton Rouge (Louisiana) has been attending an extreme NASA training programme since she was 15. She was able to join the programme so early as she was the youngest ever person to graduate from the Possum Space Academy, which is an impressive feather in her cap! Alyssa is very aware of the fact that one of the most important factors in the first Mars exploration mission will be the weather.

Although Carson is still young enough to simply be in high school, she considers herself lucky to be part of the NASA training programme, and to be able to work towards her dream of exploring Mars. She highlights the fact that the training is very challenging and stressful for someone of her age, but also points out that she has already succeeded in completing a lot of it. Alyssa is aware that in the future, she is likely to have to make sacrifices in terms of her private life, possibly giving up the opportunities to get married or have a family.

It should be noted that alongside her training, this impressive teenager is passionate about learning languages, and she studies English while also learning Spanish, French and Mandarin!

Here is Alyssa Carson’s presentation at the BBYO International Convention 2018:

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