Why couples should always sleep naked!

Credits: bubulina65 / Pixabay

Sleeping in the nude makes you happier, especially if you are in a relationship. Or at least according to a particularly unusual American study….

The study in question took place in 2014, and was completed by the company Cotton USA, who specialise in textile manufacturing. The study was carried out on a thousand Americans, and the results were fairly astonishing: 57% of couples who sleep in their birthday suits claim they are happy with their relationships, by comparison to 48% who sleep in pyjamas. Equally, only 38% of people who wore a onesie were happy in their relationships. Onesies are clearly somewhat less than sexy…

However, the study claimed that sleeping naked in physical contact with your partner contributed to a healthy relationship. It led to a higher likelihood of having sex, it added a sense of closeness and led to a greater ability to relax. During sleep, physical contact, as well as being reassuring, is very important, as caresses in themselves promote the production of a hormone linked to well-being.

According to a recent study, one third of Americans sleep naked. Sleeping naked, even when you are on your own, has a whole host of benefits, as well as promoting relationship well-being. It helps us sleep better, as our bodies don’t overheat, and the blood circulates more easily. It could also be good for your figure if you sleep in a cool room, as the body tends to burn more calories to regulate temperature.

So do you think that it isn’t hygienic to sleep naked? In reality, it is quite the opposite, because our skin needs to breathe at night – particularly in our intimate areas. In fact, sleeping in underwear can allow more bacteria to survive, which can lead to infections.

For people who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping naked, be aware that Hollywood star Marylin Monroe, who filled the dreams of millions of people in the 1950s (and since), was also a fan! Not convinced? Too bad, we can do no more for you, you can go back to your onesie!

Sources : Daily Mail

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