Extreme heat: Some countries will be uninhabitable by 2070

The region around the Chinese capital of Pekin will be the hottest in the world in 2070! Credits : Pixabay

American researchers believe that some countries will be uninhabitable between now and the middle of the century due to extreme heat and humidity.  Certain places will be hit more so than others by an onset of deadly heat waves.

On 6 August the review, PNAS, published an international study explaining that green house gas emissions and soil denaturing could create a sauna-like planet. “Hothouse Earth” could be a reality between now and the end of the century, with temperatures rising by 2°C from before the industrial era.

Another earlier study led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reckons that some countries may be totally or at least partially uninhabitable. As stated in a press release published by MIT on the 21 July 2018, China will be in the front line. In fact Pekin is thought to become uninhabitable in fifty years time. Researchers believe this region situated the North-East plains of China where roughly 400 million live, will be the hottest place in the world in 2070!

Hottest places in the world
Credits : MIT

While researchers talk about “deadly heat waves”,  other countries will find themselves in the same boat. Bangladesh and it’s capital Dacca also featured in an earlier study by the MIT. Researchers indicated that in summer increased temperatures and humidity could exceed levels that humans can feasibly survive without protection.

Bangladesh is a country badly affected by climate change.  In fact Dacca is already threatened by rising sea levels.  MIT also highlights that Arab countries in the Gulf will be exposed “to peaks in humid temperatures which will probably pass the critical level.”

Climate change refugees is a significant reality for the future.  This type of study only reinforces the fact. As a result of global warming caused by human activities, more and more people will have to leave their homeland due to unbearable living conditions.

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