Meet Graham, the ideal human to survive a crash

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An Australian artist, along with the Australian authorities, has created an artificial man with the ideal body shape to become “crash-proof”, or to survive a road accident. This creation is at the heart of an awareness campaign for local road safety. 

In the case of road accidents, our bodies prove extremely fragile, given the impact forces we are subjected to, to the extent that even the strongest person in the world couldn’t emerge unscathed, regardless of the speed. In the UK, road safety campaigns hammer road users with shock television ads, which can often be upsetting. In Australia, the authorities appear to have a little more imagination.

The road safety authority in the Australian state of Victoria have just launched an awareness campaign, and have worked in collaboration with several specialists in order to create Graham, who has “the perfect body to survive a car crash”. David Logan (expert in traffic accidents), Christian Kenfield (trauma surgeon) and Patrician Piccinini (sculptor) worked together on this unusual project.

The trio dreamed up a human body that would best resist a car crash. However, Graham is not intended to take the place of crash test dummies, but to be displayed in several Australian museums.

Graham is made from silicon, resin and fibreglass, and he has human body hair. His body has however been reshaped, and not for aesthetic purposes! In fact, he has an enormous head, a flat nose, very thick skin and no neck. His knees bend in all directions and his chest has a multitude of nipples, which serve as kinds of air bags. While during an accident, the typical human brain bangs against the walls of the skull, Graham’s brain is held more firmly in place with increased ligaments and fluid.

Although Graham is not due to be used in crash tests, he has been studied in order to demonstrate the shape our bodies would need to evolve, in order to ensure survival of a road accident, either as a passenger or a driver. However, if we were to imagine that a man with a body like Graham’s was hit by a car as a pedestrian, the consequences would be the same as they would for any other human.

Here is a BBC video featuring Graham:

Sources : BBC News

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