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Men’s odour attracts women depending on their diet

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Is there such thing as love at first smell? If we are to believe certain researchers, eating healthily gives men an odour that is more attractive to women. So gentlemen, to your salads! 

We are now in the era of new technology, robotics, self-driving cars, virtual reality, and all things technological. However, certain human instincts aren’t about to disappear so quickly! Women appear to be more attracted to men who eat high quantities of fruit and vegetables, a diet which is identified by the smell of a man’s sweat.

This is the conclusion of a study led by psychology researchers from the University of Macquarie in Sydney (Australia), which was published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior on the 1st January 2017. The team of researchers also published the abstract on the university’s website.

Did you know that sweat isn’t only for cooling down the body, but also can provide information about a person’s state of health? Women’s primitive instincts can detect such nuances, which can also be a source of “animal” attraction, that does not have its origins in rational thought. The researchers indicate that this feminine instinct for evaluating a man’s capacity to eat healthily is there so as to evaluate men’s ability to reproduce and create healthy children. Incredible, huh?

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The tests carried out by the experts are fascinating. They firstly examined the skin of healthy men by skin spectrophotometry, which assesses dietary carotenoid intakes. Carotenoids are the organic pigments contained in fruit and vegetables, and which lightly colour the skin of people who eat them in high quantities.

Next, the researchers gave t-shirts to a number of men, who had to wear them and do exercise. After the exercise session, the t-shirts were given to women, who were asked to identify the most attractive odours. The women were significantly more attracted by men who ate plenty of fruit and vegetables.

It should be noted that eating meat doesn’t give you a “bad” odour, but it simply strengthens its intensity and changes the nature of the smell. Also remember that sweat in itself is odourless. In fact, the odour appears after the sweat is consumed by the bacteria present on our skin.

Sources: Psychology Today

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