Fantasy and science-fiction fans make the best couples

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A recent study explains that science fiction and fantasy fans would make the best couples because they apparently have a more realistic conception of a romantic relationship, which would help make the partnership last.

Fantasy books and films have imaginary creatures, magical places and unusual characters while science fiction looks at worlds where technology has developed at an impressive level.  Other post apocalyptic worlds represent imaginary futures of our own world.  The two genres move away from reality and feed our imagination.

However these books are often coloured with romances taking place in situations identifiable to the reader.  According to a study lead by psychologists from Oklahoma State University and published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts in July 2018, fantasy and science-fiction fans would make the best romantic couples.

According to the study’s researchers, fans of these two genres have the most positive and most realistic idea of love.  Even more surprisingly, the researchers’ conclusions suggested that inversely romance novel enthusiasts and fans of thrillers and intellectual novels would be more exposed to idealist views of romantic relationships.

Researchers carried out a study on 404 volunteers evenly split between men and women.  Each person had to name authors specialised in seven different literary genres.  These ranged forl classical and contemporary literature to romance, thrillers, horrors and well as fantasy and science fiction.

Afterwards, volunteers were asked to give there opinions on certain phrases about love – deemed to be idealist.  Here are a few examples:

  • “Each person should know what the other one is thinking.”
  • “You should expect perfect sex.”
  • “There should be a difference between sexes.”
  • “Your partner can never change.”
  • “Disagreement is destructive.”

Results confirmed that fans of science fiction and fantasy were less in tune with the cited phrases that others.  For example fans of classical literature were a lot more likely to believe that disagreements destroyed relationships.  The majority of romance novel readers believed you had to make a difference between men and women.

Psychologists believe that science-fiction and fantasy fans have a more realistic image of a partner.  This is thought to be because they have a better understanding on how mankind can evolve which they can then apply to their relationships.  This concept can even be found in science fiction and fantasy novels as characters are able to learn and adapt to their environment.  Characters can also adapt their destiny as well as their possible powers while following often perilous quests facing many difficulties along the way.

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