Kalashnikov unveil their Russian Robocop project after releasing a new electric car

Credits :Youtube / RT screenshot

The Russian armament company Kalashnikov have build a robot that looks like it has come straight out of a science fiction film: a bipedal war robot equipped with a cockpit that can fit a person.

Best known for it’s assault rifle AK-47, the Russian armament company Kalashnikov is now trying to make its name for itself in robotic warfare, after having recently presented its retro electric car which it says will rival Tesla.   A life-size static model of their “Russian Robocop” was presented on 21 August 2018 the ARMY-2018 International Military and Technical Forum which took place in the capital Moscow.

Kalashnikov has already announced that next year it will reveal in detail the technology used to make this robot.  However the robot creators have announced that as well as having warfare functions this robot could also be used to carry out maintenance jobs and engineering work.

Equipped with a cockpit, the robot measures 4 metres in height. At the base of two long legs are two rather large feet.  They must help to maintain stability of the device although during warfare it is difficult to imagine the robot moving around with ease.  Similarly it’s arms are equipped with pliers for hands.

In an article published August 23, 2018, the website Popular Mechanics interested in the concept, raised serious doubts about this biped robot emphasising that its centre of gravity is not stable enough. The publication also pointed out that the robot would have serious difficulties moving around on a battlefield. In many cases the terrain is likely to be rugged and so the machines usefulness in this environment was called into question.

What’s more, the robot’s size makes it an easy target for tanks. Given its size, the robot must be heavy which would hinder any quick movements. On the positive side, the pilot sits high up meaning they would have good visibility. However we should reserve our judgement.  Who knows, we might be surprised when Kalashnikov releases further information about the robots technology and functions next year?

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