Teenager survives for almost 50 days on a raft in the middle of the ocean

Young boy survived for 49 days drifting on the ocean. Credit : Consulate General of Indonesia Osaka / Facebook

Aldi Novel Adilang from the Indonesian province of northern Sulawesi has recently survived 49 days drifting on the ocean.  After having used up all of his food reserves, the young boy caught fish and filtered water with his clothes to survive. 

Young Aldi Novel Adilang is used to spending days on his own… but only to a certain point.  Working on a “rompong”,  a non-motorised fishing raft fixed with a hut that is attached to the shore, for six months Aldi’s job is to look after the light on the boat which is used to attract fish.  Each week someone comes to give him more fuel, water and food.  But one day in July everything didn’t go to plan. Strong winds broke the cord that attached the raft to the coast, casting the young boy out to sea far from the shore. He drifted up to 2500 km away from Guam island in the Pacific ocean.

But how did he survive?  After having used up his food and gas supplies, the young boy used the wood from the cabin to make a fire and cooked the fish he caught.  He apparently used his own clothes to filter sea water so as to not dehydrate.  This “D” system allowed young Aldi to last 49 days drifting on the ocean, until a Panamanian ship spotted him. He was brought back to Japan on August 31, and finally returned home in early September.

The young boy was saved by a Panamanian ship. CGO / Facebook

« I thought I would never see my parents again.” said the young boy.  “But I prayed every day.”  Despite everything he went through the young boy is in good health and celebrated his nineteenth  birthday shortly after he returned home.


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