The longest road trip in the world

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Taking a plane is relatively uninteresting while trains seem too quick to make the most of your holiday.  However do you have the time or the money to go on a long voyage? If you have a car would you like to go on an extreme road trip? 

With a little searching on the internet it’s easy to see that many holiday goers don’t want to arrive too quickly at their destination and would rather experience the journey by car.  This option allows travelers more freedom to stop where they want and when they want! Of course if you want to go on a road trip to the extremities of Russia you need to have time and money depending on your job situation and the expenses for visas and fuel or repair costs.

A video published at the end of August 2017 by Skillshare a online learning platform presented the longest continuous journey by car on closed land mass between two points either completed by retracing your steps or in a circuit.  At first glace, the largest land mass is without a doubt Eurasia.  Africa could be included as it is connected by the Isthmus of Suez (Egypt), but in reality, crossing the canal is an almost impossible task for a traveler with his own vehicle and traveling to Europe by sea Mediterranean would require taking a ferry.

On the American continent, it would be possible to travel between the north and the south.  However in reality this concept is impossible not because of the Panama Canal but because of the Darién Province (Darién Gap).  This area south of the Colombian-Panama border is 160 kilometers long and 50 kilometers wide and is full of swamp land and dense forests.  There are no roads and nobody would want to come across the army or drug traffickers.

The longest continuous driving route on the American continent is in North America with an overall distance of 12,070 kilometres and 6 days of travelling.  The route starts at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska in the United States and then finishes in Yaviza at Panama.  This village in The Darién Province is connected by a road which makes it accessible.

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However the longest continuous direct driving route in the world leaves from Sagres in the extreme south-west of Portugal and goes all the way to Khasan, a tiny Russian village south of Vladivostock.  This village is on the border between Russia, China and North Korea.  (See the map below)

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The journey would take 6 days and 19 hours without stopping for a break and covers a total distance of 14,073 km! Of course it would be better to take at least one month to travel across this massive distance as well as taking a few breaks along the way.

Sources : Skillshare

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