Will smartphones be replaced by “dumbphones”?

Credits : Flickr

Although many people say they could never live without their smartphone, “dumbphone” sales have increased by 5% since last year. Does this mean that Old Bricks, without access to the internet, are coming back in fashion? 

In contrast to a smartphone, the term “dumbphone” was created to describe older phones that are starting to see a revival. Before smartphones hit the market, these mobiles were simply capable of basic functions likes calls, texts and multimedia messages.  However extremely robust models like the Nokia 3310 have seen a relaunch, being released on to the market with some new additions.  In fact when released in May 2017 it is was so popular the retro revival immediately sold out!

These vintage mobiles attract people who want to be less connected to the technological world as they do not have access to the internet and can not store social media apps or games.  According to a recent article in The Independent, if smartphone sales have increased by 2% last year, dumbphone sales have increased by 5%.

Of course, on the retail market smartphones are way ahead of their original counterparts and that is certainly not ready to change any time soon.  However using phones without internet is an interesting growing trend.  Tanya Goodin explains this vintage mobile revival in her book  Stop Staring at Screens, which aims to give advice on how to wean yourself off constantly using technology.

She noted how over the last few years “a growing number of people have started to use dumbphones, at least partially” so that thy can have “a little respite from the constant stimulation of the technological world.”

Many smartphone users are aware that they spend too much time on their mobile phone but it is difficult to live without it.  In reality the only way to break the habit is to turn it off. However it is too easy to switch it back on which shows we are truly addicted.  A vintage mobile phone revival makes sense as without access to the internet there is less to stimulate you brain and therefore less temptation.

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