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A robot sex brothel in the USA sparks controversy

Credits: KinkySdollS

Supported by a local charity, Houston’s state mayor is violently opposed to the proposal of opening a sex brothel where robots can offer sexual services to clients.  But why is there such controversy surrounding this new robot sex brothel? 

KinkySdollS, a specialist company that designs sexual robots and dolls, opened a robot sex brothel in Toronto, Canada in 2017.  A year after it opened its doors, Vice News recently published an article with all the information you need to know about this brothel that is like no other.   Currently, the same company is in conflict with Houston authorities and locals where they are planning on opening a new brothel.  However the company are not just proposing on opening one robot sex brothel but in fact they are hoping to open a dozen in the USA by 2020!

“It’s not the sort of business that we advertise for, or we seek to attract.  Or quite frankly, from my point of view, the sort of business that I want in the city of Houston,” explained Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, in an interview with USA Today.

As the Canadian establishment has seen a great success, KinkySdollS hopes to establish itself in the USA.  This type of brothel allows human clients to spend a minimum of half an hour with a robot for 60 dollars. The initial investment is around 2,500 dollars per robot so it is easy to imagine that it is a good money making business.

The first robot sex brothel proposed in Huston has mobilised the local community as well as the mayor and other conservative representatives.  Elijah Rising from a local charity fighting against sex trafficking has recently launched a petition which has for the moment gathered thousands of signatures.

Those opposed to the project believe that men will end up becoming completely unbalanced and that they will develop an unhealthy image of sexuality.  They also believe that this could lead to an increase in real prostitutes on the street and cases of exploited children.  The problems regarding the first robot sex brothel was discussed in an America talk show The View which can be seen below.

Sources : USA TodayVice News

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