Does this photo make you laugh? You’re probably more laid-back and more educated…

Credits: Uli Stein

Researchers determine whether people have received a better education from their reaction to a cartoon image. According to a study, these reactions could also determine your natural temperament, whether you are relaxed or quick tempered. 

Appreciating dark humour and using sarcasm could be seen as a sign of intelligence. This is what researchers from the University of Vienna believe.  Their study, which went under the radar in the media, was published in the  Cognitive Processing journal in January 2017.

Austrian psychologists carried out an experiment on 156 adults (76 women and 80 men).  These people were simply asked to look at a sketch by the German designer Uli Stein and then undergo a series of verbal and non-verbal intelligence tests. These tests were specifically designed to detect possible mood disorders in the sampled group and their predisposition to quick tempered behaviour.

The study’s results showed that people who reacted to the cartoon by laughing were more sensitive to dark humour and sarcasm.  According to the researchers, these people were more educated and had received a better schooling.  These same people also had a tendency to have a more stable and calm temperament.

Black humor, often described as grotesque or morbid humor, is used to express the absurdity,  insensitivity, paradox and cruelty of the modern world. Characters or situations are usually exaggerated far beyond the bounds of normal satire or irony, potentially requiring increased cognitive effort to grasp the meaning of the joke“, the study states.

The volunteers who did not react by laughing are not less intelligent but they are supposedly people more inclined to have a stressed out temperament.  Are you part of the group who didn’t really laugh when you saw the cartoon?  Don’t worry, just relax…

Sources : TerrafeminaMedical Daily

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