How long do these drugs stay in your body?

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Cocaine, heroine, LSD, cannabis or even alcohol: how long do these substances leave traces in your body?  Is it three, six, ten days or more?  The Business Insider site give you the answer in three graphs which compare the drug traces left in your urine, blood and hair. 

No matter how complex and evolved our body is, it can’t get rid of all traces of drugs from our body in a click of the fingers.  All ingested or absorbed substances leave a trace that a hair sample or a simple urine or blood test can detect.  But for long do these substances stay in our body?  Everything depends on the drug itself. Business Insider has highlighted three graphs which indicate how long different drugs can leave traces in your urine, your blood and your hair.

As you can see below, traces of drugs like LSD or amphetamines will quickly be removed from your body by your urine (in only three days).  However you can see a big difference with cannabis which can still leave traces in your urine up to 30 days after you have taken it.

Source : Dragan Radovanovic/ Business Insider

Some substances will stay in your blood for longer as can be seen in the second graph below.  Traces of amphetamines can potentially be detected 8 to 12 hours after having taken it.  Like heroine, alcohol will stay in your blood for up to 12 hours.  Trace of cocaine however can be detected in you blood for up to 45 hours after while for cannabis it will be in your blood for nearly 13 days!

Source : Dragan Radovanovic/ Business Insider

However what can “give you away” you the most is your hair.  Apart from LSD, which can be detected in your hair for up to three days after, all other drugs, including heroine, cocaine, cannabis and alcohol will all leave traces in your hair for at least 90 days after you have taken it.

Source : Dragan Radovanovic/ Business Insider

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