One the rarest tigers in the world caught in a pig trap

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Conservation authorities from Sumatra Island recently released the sad news that one of the island’s rare tigers has been killed after being caught in a pig trap that was set up by a local hunter.  The Sumatran tiger, which is considered an endangered species on the brink of extinction, was pregnant with several cubs.   

For endangered species on the brink of extinction each loss is a real tragedy.  However it is even more so when it is an accidental death.  A hunter from Sumatra island, Indonesia, set up a forest trap in the hope of capturing a wild pig.  However instead of the pig he was hoping for he unfortunately found an endangered tiger.  Conservation authorities from the island were alerted and were sent to help the animal although they were unable to keep her alive.  The big cat was caught in the trap and then eventually died next to a river that was only a few meters away, still with the cord around its’s stomach.

As always, bad news never comes alone.  The tiger was in fact a pregnant female who was expecting several cubs.  Really tragic news for this endangered species.

Two young Sumatran tigers playing. Source:

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), there are only 400 Sumatra tigers living in the wild island forests. Sumatran Tigers are already targeted by poachers for their apparent medicinal benefits that are sought after in China and Thailand.  However this species is also confronted by accidental threats.  What’s more the loss of the tiger’s habitat means there is less prey.  As a result it encourages the big cat to hunt livestock putting them in closer contact with the human population.  That’s the reason why each new litter is precious and vital for the continued survival of this endangered species.

But what happened to the hunter?  The hunter will pay highly for causing the death of a protected species. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of 100 million Indonesian rupiah which is the equivalent to £5,200.


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