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The Dark Web helps decipher a nun’s letter who was possessed by the devil

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The Dark Web is a place were you can find anything illegal.  However with the help of an algorithm decoder found on the Dark Web, scientists have managed to decipher a letter written by an Italian nun in the 17th century.  However this was no ordinary nun… she was supposedly possessed by Lucifer! 

The Dark Web can be confused with the Deep Web which is a hidden web where everything is available.  This can include illegal items and things that sometimes just horrible.

“You can find everything on the Dark Web: drugs, prostitution, pedophilia and other programmes used by information services to decode secret messages, like what we have used,” explained Daniele Abate from the Luduum Scientific Centre in Sicily, to the 105 Italian radio station according to The Times.

Researchers have decoded a letter written by Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, a nun alive during the 17th century who was part of the Sicilian convent of Palma di Montechiaro.  The nun said that Lucifer persuaded her to serve him instead of God.  Several letters were written by the nun while she was possessed by the devil, but only one survives to this day.

According to the legend, the letter which is still legible, was written on the 11 August in 1676.  During the last three centuries it has passed through the hands of many experts but it was declared too difficult or even impossible to decipher. The letter was written in a coded language composed of a mixture of strange archaic alphabets.

Academics, scientists and other experts of hidden sciences have all failed to decipher this letter. However, Daniele Abate’s team from the Luduum Scientific Center recently managed to do it with the help of an algorithm found on the Dark Web and was able to translate fifteen lines. The principal author of the research stated they prepared the decoding programme with “Ancient Greek, Arabic, Ancient Ruins and Latin“.

Italian researchers believe the letters were written by the nun using a expert mixture of ancient languages.  It was not by chance that she was able to write letters like this as she had become a linguistic expert during her time in the convent.

The first few translated lines read as follows: “God believes he can liberate mortals. This system doesn’t work for anyone.  Perhaps now Styx is undoubted.”

Researchers believe that as she had an expert knowledge of different languages, the nun invented her own coded language and could have been suffering from schizophrenia.

Sources : The Times

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