Why do men have nipples?

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To find out why men have nipples, you need to study to the embryonic stage when men and women were once one in the same.

Breast formation happens during the first stages of embryonic development. These nipple outlines continue to develop for women but for men, they stop forming after the first six weeks of their embryonic life!

In the beginning, a single X chromosome controls embryo development.  This chromosome is responsible for breast development.  However, for men, breast formation is halted when the Y chromosome is activated 6 – 8 weeks after the development of the embryo. The Y chromosome triggers the production of testosterone and therefore counteracts breast development.

But what purpose do nipples serve?  In contrast to women, where nipples are used to help breast feed children, men’s nipples have no other role in the biological process.

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However, Theirry Lodé a French biologist and specialist in progressive and conservative biology, believe the development of lactic activity could be possible for men!  It seems that if mothers were unable to fulfill their nourishment duties for their child, men could step in to back them up!  Mothers and fathers have the capacity to look after the child, as suckling is similar for both sexes.
Not to forget, as nipples are also of sexual interest. These very erogenous zones of our body are often stimulated during sexual relations with your partner.

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