How is 5G going to change our lives?

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Our you ready for super speed data? Well 5G is knocking at the door.  While this new network upgrade promises a much faster connection, it also gives us new functions which could soon change our lives! 

After 2G which was introduced in 1991, 3G in 2003 and finally 4G in 2009, we are ready to use internet at much higher speeds which can give us the maximum amount of information possible in the shortest time.  Qualcomm, the well-known American company which specialises in telecommunications has deemed the new network a real leap forward believing it will transform our cars and electricity usage. 5G will give network users  a much faster connection and faster speeds than the previous generation (between 9 and 20 times faster in certain places) being based on millimetric frequencies (26 GHz)  and having less waves but a much higher bandwidth. However the door has also been opened to many new uses.  However their development depends on the effectiveness of the connection and speed.

As well as the tens of thousands of connected objects per squared mile, imagine other maintenance operations being carried out remotely such as telemedicine practices or autonomous cars.  These two forms of technology require millisecond reactivity.  A surgeon a thousand kilometers away could ask a robot to carry out an operation instead of him. Complex operations could be done by paramedics, but could sharing real-time diagnoses with other doctors in order to maximize the chances of a successful operation. Autonomous cars would have to rely completely on 5G so that it can receive and transmit information with millisecond reactions. If you want to go without driving extreme reactivity is absolutely necessary.

5G technology might already become available in some large urban areas in the world between now and the end of the year.  However the first smartphones that are compatible with the updated network will be introduced to the market at the start of 2019. The roll out of 5G is set to begin in the UK at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 in the bigger cities


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