Is Lutein a miracle molecule for our health?

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A carotenoid known as lutein is able to protect your eyes and preserve our eyesight.  According to a study it can also reduce inflammation for people with coronary illnesses.  What do you need to know about the miracle molecule? 

A beneficial molecule for your eyes

Eyes are often affected by light, notably blue light from computer screens which attack the photo-receptors.  With time these organs are naturally subjugated to various problems like age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD).  Obviously, nothing can completely replace the use of glasses with anti-blue light filter or quality sunglasses. The same goes for reducing screen-related eye fatigue by taking breaks and relaxation exercises.

However people wanting to spare their eyes and preserve their eyesight can also turn towards lutein, one of 600 known carotenoids.  This molecule can be naturally found in green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and peas, in yellow vegetables like carrots and sweetcorn and even egg yolks and peppers.  Lutein can also be found in dietary supplements like chlorella – a natural product from the micro-algae family – which is simply the best known food rich in lutein.

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Lutein has antioxidant properties and is capable of filtering blue lightStudies have shown that this molecule can prevent retina degeneration and also preserve eyesight and so therefore can limit the risk of ocular problems which appear over time.

Coronary patients also concerned

A study published in 2017  examined the blood levels of 193 patients with coronary artery disease  to analyse levels of six of the most common carotenoids. The results of this research study indicated that lutein may be able to reduce inflammation in patients with coronary heart disease. Currently, scientists are continuing their research to determine whether increasing the consumption of lutein-rich foods could have a positive effect on the immune system of such patients.


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