Scientists have managed to connect three brains

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For some time scientists have developed techniques allowing them to detect different types of thoughts and transfer them to another brain. However American researchers have recently added a third brain to this sort of thought “conversation”.  

Although it is not telepathy, today communication between two human brains is a reality. A new advancement in the domain of brain science has been made not long ago by Doctor Andrea Stocco and her team of neuro-scientists from the University of Washington. Their study was explained in an article published in September 2018 on the website bioRxiv.

Also discussed in an article that appeared in the MIT journal, the social network called BrainNet, allows three people to exchange ideas and carry out collaborative problem solving.  Currently the network allows people to communicate by playing a Tetris-like game but BrainNet is more progressive and advanced than just a simple game.

Researchers think that in the future this technology will allow not only the exchange of more complex ideas but also add more people into the network.  This obviously creates problems regarding issues such as ethics and confidentiality. In addition, too many people using the network could lead to confusion.

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As mentioned earlier, this is not a form of telepathic communication.  The brain network is created by an exterior intervention and the exchange of information is quite slow. Doctor Andrea Stocco mentions that there is “the possibility of creating interfaces between brains” which could “allow humans to solve problems together by using a sort of social network of connected brains.”

This is the first time that a network of this type has been made. Scientists believe that this research could help reach certain boundaries in terms of communication and human collaboration. It could also help us understand more about the human brain.


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